implements the highest international and environmental standards for all its applications inside and outside the cities in the remote population centers through the ideal design and use of modern technology in the establishment and implementation of water treatment units and wastewater purification units, as well as human resources that have been carefully selected and trained to accomplish tasks with high quality and According to the implementation plan schedules. Also, Operating and Maintenance With the help of some programming packages for the control and operation of equipment such as SCADA, as well as complete and complete management software for facilities such as MAXIMO, ORACLE, to achieve SOP.
Through these actions, the following objectives are achieved:- -
-Full knowledge of the implementation of the operating steps in various normal circumstances and emergency
- Non-existent faulting in operation, maintenance and reducing errors.
- Develop and improve the performance of the staff of the station and train them on how to implement.
- Optimize the operation of units and their regularity and efficiency.
- Producing pure water with high quality and conforming to health standards.
- Rationalization of chemicals and electrical energy.
- Access to design production while maintaining equipment.
- The possibility of tracking and observation of all operations for all units with analysis of the Spare parts and other consumables.